A World-class remanufacturer of ruggedized electronic products.


Our Mission:

SRC Electronics is committed to providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative for electronics by offering sustainable electronics remanufacturing solutions.

SRC Electronics is eager to develop and support your requirements for an electronics remanufacturing program. Taking advantage of over 650 years of combined experience in electronics, we are able to offer a start-to-finish program to support on-going requirements for obsolete, legacy, low volume new production units, warranty analysis and No Fault Found (NFF) testing services for initial product launches.

SRC Electronics' business model is to develop partnerships with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and then distribute primarily through the OEM’s existing market channels.  We believe this strategy promotes an open line of communication between us and our OEM partners and allows us to truly work together to develop an electronics remanufacturing program that supports your customers’ demands.

Why Remanufacture?

There are numerous benefits from working with a “start-to-finish” remanufacturing provider. Highlighted below are a few of these benefits:

Obsolescence/Legacy Support:  The typical life span for ruggedized electronics is four (4) to seven (7) years. However, the expected life span of the equipment they support is twenty-five (25) to thirty (30) years. While supporting the consumer demand for these components is critical to ensuring on-going customer satisfaction, the burden on the OEM’s operations is often cost prohibitive to produce such low and sporadic volumes. Supporting the demand for these components through a third party remanufacturer allows the OEM to continue to meet the demand for these items without utilizing internal resources. 

Opportunity Costs: By utilizing SRC Electronics for your ongoing support of obsolete/legacy components, or low volume new production, the OEM is able to focus internal resources on new product support with higher volume demands.


Warranty Analysis:  SRC Electronics is able to perform warranty analysis for your current production components. This service allows us to provide critical feedback regarding common failures, make product improvement recommendations, and create a failure analysis database to support a future remanufacturing program.

Ongoing Product Improvements:  By identifying the specific cause of failure for each unit, SRC Electronics is able to determine the most common modes of failure for each product line. This information is then shared with the OEM and product improvement recommendations are made that can be applied to current and future products.

Environmental Considerations:  The collection of used components (Core), keeps these items out of our landfills supporting a "green" friendly environment. Financially, this initiative saves OEM's money through the avoidance of expensive disposal fees as well as procurement costs which are up to 50% cheaper than new production units.

In 2015 alone, it is estimated that SRC Electronics diverted more than 53 tons of electronics waste from landfills,

In addition to the aforementioned benefits of a strategic remanufacturing program, the OEM will also enjoy the following:

  • Adds longevity to the OEM's revenue stream with its’ customers
  • Provides margin returns that are as good or better than new
  • Allows the OEM to offer a lower cost option for service parts
  • Provides the OEM with a lower cost option for warranty claims
  • Returns components to the OEM specifications and is backed by a warranty that meets or exceeds the new warranty

How to decide if Reman is right for you?

1. Can the component be sold from 65%-75% of new cost?
2. Can enough cores be collected to support 12-18 months of demand?
3. Is the component technically viable to be remanufactured?
4. Do you own or have access to the parts and intellectual properties required to remanufacture?
5. Can remanufactured parts be used to support warranty claims?

Although this list of benefits and considerations is not all inclusive, I believe it provides a solid foundation for what to expect from a strategic remanufacturing program and if a reman program is right for your organization. At the end of the day, developing a partnership has to make solid economic sense for all parties concerned and we are happy to have those open “Open Book” discussions with you to determine if remanufacturing is right for your organization and develop a strategic plan to support such a program.  

Learn more about our Reman Value Proposition or contact us for further information.

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