The SRC Electronics team is committed to providing quality products that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.  The SRC Electronics team shall continually strive to improve the quality of all SRC Electronics endeavors.  



Recently an OE client came to us with a challenge... An current generation Engine Control Module was experiencing failures related to intermittent signals, ingress of foreign substances (such as water/fuel and oil) as well as a software calibration issue. On top of these challenges, the part was going out of new production in the near future.  

In evaluating the available core and several new units, our team was able to identify and recommend several product improvements to the initial design.


  1. Compliant (press fit) pins were utilized during new manufacture and this was creating some latent intermittent signals as the units were exposed to vibration during normal in-field use. 
  2. The gaskets utilized to seal the housing and connectors were not sufficient to keep foreign matter from ingress.
  3. The software requirements could simply not be up-fitted at the level of the OE partners dealerships.


  1. As a component of our reman process, our IPC certified Solder experts soldered all of the compliant pins, removing any opportunity for intermittence in the circuit.
  2. Using our robotic gasketing systems, we were able to enhance the seals in the remanufactured units utilizing wet-bead gasket. A subsequent 100% leak test was also included as a part of our reman process which ensures that the unit is properly sealed prior to shipment.  
  3. Built into our proprietary test equipment is the function to remove any legacy software payloads and input the most current firmware.
  4. Lastly, we validate all of our remanufacturing processes through our standard test process (which you can read more about on our Capability page)

Our aim is to ensure that our remanufactured units are as good, or as in this case, better than the original. 

complete serialized traceability


the SRC Electronics build card

Every core, whether remanufactured and returned to the field, or bound for the scrap bin, has a story.  Any part that enters our facility as a core, receives it's very own Build Card. The Build Card, and our proprietary Build Card system, provides our OE partners with a wealth of information about our products, before, during and after they go through the reman process. The following items are just a small portion of the full data package which is made available to our OE partners as a component of any of our remanufacturing programs:

  • Date of receipt.
  • Where a particular core is in the reman process.
  • Components used on a particular unit/lot and their respective lot codes.
  • The SRC Electronics associates who performed the remanufacturing activities and what steps that they completed in the reman process.
  • Test and inspection results.
  • Original unit serialization numbers and any other pertinent product information
  • Total time to remanufacture.
  • Date of shipment, work order, OE Purchase order and ship-to location.


SRC Electronics CI Program (FY15)



When you initiate a program with the SRC Electronics team, you gain access to the collective knowledge of all of our associates.  

Specifically, we have adopted a Continuous Improvement Program that is accessible by all of our associates from our internal intranet page.  We believe in the intelligence and capabilities of our people, and everyone in the organization is encouraged to make recommendations on how to improve a product and/or process.  There are no boundaries on the scope of what an associate can recommend.  Some suggestions are small, while some are larger in scale.  While not all recommendations are accepted, they all achieve a common aim... to make our quality and the quality of Partners better.  The commitment of the leadership team is that we will respond to and develop a plan for each CI recommendation within 24 hours of it's issuance.  

Currently during our fiscal 2015 we have received 53 CI projects, completed 30, rejected 10, (most of which were not financially or physically feasible) and have 13 which are categorized as long term projects. 

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